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Atlanta bankruptcy lawyers

DebtStoppers is a debt relief agency practicing bankruptcy law. We work with Atlanta families who are buried in debts and help them build a new financial future through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Do I Need a Bankruptcy Firm? And Why DebtStoppers?

While the law allows you to file without an attorney, most people find filing all alone is time-consuming and complicated. It can also end up costing you more than partnering from the start with a professional.

DebtStoppers lawyers have eliminated the debts of thousands of families in Georgia and throughout the country. When it comes to getting out of debt, no U.S. law firm has more experience.

What qualified lawyers offer:

  • Help with your decision to file. Is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 your best option?
  • An attorney saves your time - handling all court paperwork and keeping you informed throughout the process.
  • The promise that your creditors are no longer allowed to contact you.
  • Much higher certainty that the court will confirm your petition.
  • Assurance that all your eligible debts are included.
  • Expertise in the law and thorough knowledge of your local court system.

Most importantly, If there’s even the smallest thing wrong with your petition, the court will throw it out and you’re back at square one. While you spend precious time re-filing, bill collectors start calling again and your debt continues to grow. Partnering with experienced lawyers will make sure the court confirms your case the first time.

If you think that bankruptcy might be the right solution for you, our skilled lawyers can assist you. DebtStoppers has customized thousands of plans for Georgia families, and our qualified lawyers are eager to create one for yours. Call or text us today at 678-673-2142 to schedule a no-cost debt evaluation.

Meet Our Georgia Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy lets Georgia families find immediate and permanent freedom from the debts that are ruining their lives. Our accomplished lawyers have dedicated their lives to serving families who are experiencing financial difficulties by helping them recover their hope for the future.

DebtStoppers has been helping Georgia families since 2009. In the 12 years that we’ve been serving clients in Atlanta, we have enabled thousands to break free from their backbreaking debts.

With 4 locations in Atlanta and our experienced legal professionals by your side, you can quickly get your family the permanent debt relief you deserve.

Our Law Firm's Georgia Service Area

Our proficient DebtStoppers lawyers represent clients in Atlanta and nearby areas such as:

  • Marietta
  • Douglasville
  • Roswell
  • Canton
  • Douglasville
  • Stone Mountain
  • Alpharetta
  • Decatur
  • Atlanta
  • Duluth
  • Conyers
  • Smyrna
  • Tucker
  • Newnan
  • And more!

If you live in the Atlanta metro area, call or text us today at 678-673-2142 to request a free consultation with one of our Georgia lawyers. There’s no need to wait!!

Need Free Personal Debt Analysis in Georgia?

Filing for bankruptcy can help your family eliminate debts and start down the path to financial freedom. DebtStoppers has devoted 12 years to supporting families just like yours, and we have seen first-hand how bankruptcy can change lives.

As part of our commitment to helping Georgia families thrive, we offer a complimentary debt analysis. During this evaluation, you can discuss your financial circumstance and possible solutions with one of our experienced attorneys. We will then customize a plan for you and your family.

Call or text us today at 678-673-2142 to request your free debt analysis! Our talented Georgia lawyers can’t wait to get started on your tailor-made plan. At no cost to you, you don’t have anything to lose but your debts.

DebtStoppers can help you start over with a clean slate! Call or text 678-673-2142 to make today the first day of your new life.