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You hear about the housing crisis all the time, but when it’s you house that’s threatened, reality really hits hard. Our DebtStoppers attorney saved our home... - Johnny P

The credit cards were really hurting us. Eliminating those interest payments made all the difference. Thanks, DebtStoppers! ... - SL

When they started taking money out of my check, I knew I needed help. My bankruptcy attorney got them to stop the garnishment that same day ... - Rosemary S.

I got my car back, which is great, but the best part is I got my car payment lowered, too ... - DJ.

It turned out that the finance company violated our rights. So DebtStoppers sued them in court and collected over $10,000 in damages... -

Our attorney really went the distance for us. We checked out three bankruptcy firms in all. They all cost about the same, but DebtStoppers did a lot more for the money. DebtStoppers was an easy choice... - SL