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After making years of payments, the last thing you want is for your vehicle to be repossessed...

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Homeownership is a crucial part of the American Dream, and yet millions of families across the...

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Wage Garnishment

When you’re struggling to get out of debt, wage garnishment makes the fight even more...

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Credit Cards

If you're reading this, yours is probably one of the thousands of hardworking Georgia families...

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Medical Bills

Millions of people across the country are struggling to pay their medical bills. If you're one ...

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Asset Protection

If you are going through financial hardship, you are not alone. Hardworking families across Georgia...

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About DebtStoppers Georgia


Lawyers Practicing In This State

DebtStoppers has been assisting people in Georgia since 2003. In our 17 years of legal service, we've helped over 100,000 families in Atlanta eliminate their debts.

With 6 locations across Atlanta and experienced lawyers available to serve you, DebtStoppers can provide you with prompt, convenient, and customized representation, no matter where in Atlanta you live.

Lauren Drayton

Lauren Drayton

Chapter 7 Chair GA

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: 470-833-1397

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Paige Pierson

Paige Pierson

Chapter 7 Litigation Attorney

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: 678-673-2174

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Chad Mizelle

Chad Mizelle

Chapter 13 Litigation Attorney

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: 313-217-5160

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Real DebtStoppers Clients Real Debt Relief

In this short video, hear what just a few real Semrad clients had to say.

Katie Harris

Katie Harris

Important to me in a professional collaboration is the confidence and willingness to resolve the issues.
Myrna Rodney

Myrna Rodney

Trustworthy and professional approach towards every detail of my enquiry. The team responds quickly and effectively with problem solving mindset.
Devan Marabelli

Devan Marabelli

My experience with DebtStoppers was very easy and fast.

DebtStoppers office in Georgia

Are you struggling with these debt problems?

When your family is suffocating under the weight of late credit card payments, delinquent mortgages, and backbreaking medical bills, it can feel like you’re all alone. If your creditors just keep calling and your debt keeps rising, it’s easy to give up hope.

At DebtStoppers, our mission is to help you find your hope again. We've helped thousands of families wipe out their unbearable debt through bankruptcy and offered them a second shot at a better life. No matter how hopeless you feel like your situation might be, the truth is, fast and effective relief is available!

Call or text DebtStoppers in Atlanta today at 312-913-0630 to request a free debt settlement consultation with one of our knowledgeable Georgia lawyers. During this meeting, we will evaluate your family’s finances and explain your options for leaving your debts behind.

Quick and Lasting Georgia Debt Relief

Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers a fast and painless way to eliminate unsecured debts like medical bills and credit cards. Even though Georgia law allows a case trustee to liquidate some of your assets to pay back debts, most DebtStoppers clients get to keep everything they own.

Another Georgia debt solution is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Instead of wiping out your debts, Chapter 13 restructures them into a 3-to-5-year repayment plan. You will pay back about 10% of your total debts, and you won’t have to sell your possessions.

Is your debt taking over your life?

Your second chance is just a call or text away! Not only will bankruptcy wipe out your debts, but it can also protect you from creditor harassment. As soon as your attorney files your petition, the court will grant you an automatic stay, prohibiting your creditors from taking any collection actions. Once the stay is in place, your creditors won’t even be allowed to call you!

If your creditors continue to contact you in violation of the automatic stay, DebtStoppers can, and often will, take them to court at our own cost to get you financial compensation for their intrusions.

$0-Down Chapter 7 in Georgia

DebtStoppers is among the few law firms in the U.S. that offer a true $0-Upfront Chapter 7 bankruptcy. While other firms claim to offer “$0-down" bankruptcy payment plans, they don’t include the $335 filing fee the court will charge you to file your petition. You’ll have to come up with this cash before they will start working on your case.

DebtStoppers is different. We know that $335 can feel more like one million when you’re struggling financially, so we’ll advance the filing fee to the court and include the cost in your payment plan. Your debts will be wiped out before you pay a single cent!

If you’ve had your fill of collection calls and sleepless nights, call or text us today at 312-913-0630 to schedule a no-obligation debt analysis with one of our experienced Georgia attorneys.

We will file your Chapter 7 case at no initial cost to you! You don’t have anything to lose but your debt, so call or text DebtStoppers Georgia today at 312-913-0630.