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About Us

Nothing is as stressful as being in debt and unable to get out. At Debtstoppers we fight for an affordable legal & bankruptcy system that will aid in the relief of debt-burdened families. "Rob Semrad, Senior Partner"

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Our Story


DebtStoppers founder, Rob Semrad, is a life-long Chicago resident and second-generation attorney. He graduated from DePaul Law in 1994 undecided about what area of law he wanted to practice. For Rob, his very first job out of law school – working in a personal bankruptcy practice, made that decision for him. Rob learned quickly that bankruptcy law gave him everything he wanted in a law career – the opportunity to do the most good for the greatest number of people.

Rob worked for that original firm for 7 years, before purchasing it in 2003. “The Semrad Law Firm” – branded “DebtStoppers,” went on to help thousands of families restructure and eliminate debt, save their homes and start fresh through bankruptcy debt relief. Today, The DebtStoppers Semrad Law Firm is a nationwide industry leader and Rob Semrad and his team are exploring new ways of the firm’s experience and creativity to Americans in financial distress.

For after nearly 20 years of practicing bankruptcy law, Rob still gets his greatest satisfaction representing families against the power and abusive practices of the credit industry.

We’re Here to Help

Regardless of your debt issue, our firm offers a fast, permanent solution. We understand that everyone struggles with debt at one time or another and we’re here for you with professionalism and compassion, not judgment. DebtStoppers clients are eager to talk about our caring service.

Debt trouble always gets worse with time, so don’t put wait. Let our experienced bankruptcy attorneys help you find your best option today. Call or text DebtStoppers and schedule your free debt evaluation. We've helped thousands of people find a debt-free future.

DebtStoppers is one of the only law firms in the country that offers a genuine $0-Upfront Chapter 7. Call or text us today to set up your free consultation and start to rebuild your life.

What clients say about us



Debt stoppers are helping me to resolve what could've been a headache, I really didn't know where to start, but luckily calling them, everything is going smoothly, so far, and I hope to get my debt problem resolved soon. They are very professional, and is handling my case very well, So far So good, I'm glad I called Debt stoppers, I will refer them, if anyone needs help. THANKS


When you're in debt, everyone looks down on you. Not Debt Stoppers, they treat you like family. They made a very complicated situation simple and affordable. As long as you come prepared , you will be satisfied.


When I thought I couldn't do any better with getting out of debt with all the bills and stress I couldn't seem to fix even with trying to do payment plans it still wasn't even but after working with debt stoppers they help me to get a fresh start and release some of the worry I had of not being able to do much with the debt I was in . They don't just tell you anything I actually work with you to find the best solution for your situation. I really love and appreciate these guys’ help. Thanks debt stoppers


What a great company to deal with!!! They were very attentive and talk about a speedy resolution.... wow! Highly recommend

Katie Harris

Important to me in a professional collaboration is the confidence and willingness to resolve the issues.

Myrna Rodney

Trustworthy and professional approach towards every detail of my enquiry. The team responds quickly and effectively with problem solving mindset.

Devan Marabelli

My experience with DebtStoppers was very easy and fast.

The History Behind DebtStoppers

DebtStoppers have helped thousands of families just like theirs, to get out of debt!

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