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The only thing worse than having a debt in collections may be having a debt that’s become a judgment. A judgment is a court decision that allows a creditor or debt collector to take legal steps to collect payment from a delinquent debtor. This can include freezing your bank account, garnishing your wages, and… Read More »

Last year, CNN Money reported that the big three banks in the United States – JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo – had made $1.1 billion on overdraft fees in the first three months of that year alone. Obviously, overdraft fees are a big money-maker for the banks, but who is most likely… Read More »

Debt is big business. Companies and individuals use your debt as way for them to make money, but tend to leave you in further debt. Debt consolidation loans in Illinois, which compile all of your debt into one monthly payment, are often used in this manner. These loans lure homeowners into using their houses as… Read More »

With tax day fast approaching, many folks are understandably concerned about their finances. In fact, one of the most common questions we get asked around this time of year is whether income taxes can be wiped out with bankruptcy. The short answer is that it depends. Federal and state income tax debt can indeed be… Read More »

The stress of being in debt is exacerbated if you are also unemployed. How can you repay your loans if you don’t have a steady income? Don’t worry – you still have options. You don’t have to be employed to file for bankruptcy. You can still file without having a job, although it may complicate… Read More »

If you’re anything like millions of Americans, your car is one of your most loyal companions. You rely on your car, truck or SUV to get you to work, to school, or wherever it is you need to go each and every day. But what if your vehicle – and your freedom – were taken… Read More »

Many people fear filing for bankruptcy will mean surrendering their possessions. But one of the most attractive features of bankruptcy is that it can legally protect your assets from creditors, thanks to a long list of exemptions… Read More »

One of the things that make people susceptible to the scams we've been talking about is desperation. Let's face it: spending months or even years worried about money can make anybody feel desperate. At DebtStoppers, if there's one thing we've seen over and over… Read More »

For you to get a loan, the lender usually requires that you give some guarantee that you will pay the loan back. For a home equity loan, you secure the loan with your home. Typically a home equity loan works like a credit card. It provides you with a… Read More »

Rent-to-own stores let you buy new and used appliances, furniture and electronics under long-term payment plans. And they don't check your credit. So if you have poor credit, rent-to-own might look like a good idea — especially if something breaks or you need something that just can't wait. OK, what's so bad about paying a few dollars a week for a computer or a flat-screen TV?… Read More »