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For many, homeownership is the heart of the American Dream. That’s why hardworking...

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Wage Garnishment

When you're already struggling to keep up with your debts, wage garnishment can make barely...

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After years of paying your car note on time, having your vehicle repossessed is the last thing...

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Credit Cards

f you are one of the countless Texas families struggling under the backbreaking weight of credit card...

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Medical Bills

Are you one of the millions of Americans struggling with unmanageable medical debt? You’re not alone...

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Asset Protection

If you’re undergoing financial difficulties, it usually feels like you’re all alone in your...

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About DebtStoppers Bankruptcy Attorneys in Dallas, Texas


Lawyers Practicing In This State

DebtStoppers has been assisting people in Texas since 2003. In our 17 years of legal service, we've helped over 100,000 families in Dallasland eliminate their debts.

With 6 locations across Dallasland and experienced lawyers available to serve you, DebtStoppers can provide you with prompt, convenient, and customized representation, no matter where in Dallasland you live.

Jason N. Allen

Jason N. Allen

Managing Partner TX

Location: Dallas, Texas


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Real DebtStoppers Clients Real Debt Relief

In this short video, hear what just a few real Semrad clients had to say.

Katie Harris

Katie Harris

Important to me in a professional collaboration is the confidence and willingness to resolve the issues.
Myrna Rodney

Myrna Rodney

Trustworthy and professional approach towards every detail of my enquiry. The team responds quickly and effectively with problem solving mindset.
Devan Marabelli

Devan Marabelli

My experience with DebtStoppers was very easy and fast.

Services for Texas

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Dallas,Texas

Every day, hardworking families across Texas struggle under the burden of late credit card payments, defaulted mortgages, and backbreaking medical bills. When you're drowning in debt, it can feel like your financial situation is hopeless.

At DebtStoppers, we want you to know that there is hope. We've helped thousands of families take a financial do-over and get a second shot at a better life through bankruptcy. We can actually eliminate your crushing debts so you can breathe again. No matter how hopeless your situation may feel, we promise you: IT CAN GET BETTER FAST!

Call or text DebtStoppers today at 469-646-0750 to schedule a free debt settlement consultation with one of our skilled Texas lawyers. We'll review your finances and help you determine if bankruptcy is the right solution for your family.

Quick, Lasting Debt Relief in Texas

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a fast and easy method for eliminating unsecured debts like credit cards and medical bills. Even though a case trustee is legally permitted to liquidate your non-exempt assets to pay back debts, in our experience, most of our clients get to keep the majority of their belongings, if not all of them.

The other type of consumer bankruptcy, Chapter 13, is another form of effective debt relief in Texas. Instead of eliminating your debts, Chapter 13 allows you to reduce and restructure them into a 3-to-5-year payment plan.

Get a Fresh Start Today With DebtStoppers

The fresh start you need is just a phone call away! Not only can filing for bankruptcy set you free from your debt, but it can also protect you from creditor harassment and bill collectors. As soon as your DebtStoppers lawyer files your petition, the court will grant you an automatic stay that prohibits creditors from attempting to collect from you — they can’t even call you on the phone. Our clients always tell us it's such a relief when the phone stops ringing off the hook!

If your creditors continue to contact you despite the automatic stay, DebtStoppers can and often will sue them in court at our own expense to get you the compensation — and the legal protection — that you deserve.

$0-Upfront Bankruptcy in Texas

DebtStoppers is one of the few law firms in America that offer a real $0-upfront Chapter 7 bankruptcy. While other law firms advertise "no-money-down" bankruptcies, their payment plans only include attorney fees. They won't cover the filing fee, which means you have to find $335 before they will even file your case.

DebtStoppers does it differently. We'll pay the $335 to the court and include the filing fee in an affordable payment plan. We'll file your petition and wipe out your debts before you have to pay a single cent!

If it's time for your family to move on from a life filled with sleepless nights, collection calls, and skyrocketing debt, call or text DebtStoppers today at 469-646-0750 to request a free financial evaluation with one of our experienced Texas attorneys.

We are one of the only U.S. law firms that will file your Chapter 7 case for $0-upfront. Don't wait another second to start getting out of debt! Call or text DebtStoppers in Dallas, Texas today at 469-646-0750,