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Debt issues and solutions in Texas

Some of the most well known debt issues are foreclosure, credit card debt, car repossession, wage garnishment, payday loans and others. We know that at this point, you are probably struggling to make ends meet and that you must address the issue right this time. Well, it seems you might have just found the solution to your problems - bankruptcy. Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will erase partially or fully your debt and you can live debt-free again. Mortgage modification is another common solution when it comes to keeping your home.

Explore Debt Issues and Solutions

How Does Bankruptcy Solve Issues in Texas?

Bankruptcy Pains in Texas

Car Repossession

Way too often it happens you fall behind on your written agreement with the creditor or lender of your car.

Creditor Harassment

Creditor harassment is an illegal practice and there are several ways this can be stopped.


Did you know that filing for bankruptcy will delay foreclosure?

Wage Garnishment

​​Is a debt collector garnishing your check? If yes, then give us a call and let us handle the situation right away.

Asset Protection

Learn what kind of assets are protected from creditors under Texas law?

Credit Cards

Did you know the average credit card debt per person in Texas is $6,033? Credit card debt is something an average Texas citizen can’t escape from.

Payday Loans

These loans are predatory and trap borrowers in debts and loan cycles that many Texas citizens can’t afford.

IRS Debt

Americans have issues with the IRS tax debt for all kinds of reasons for instance late payment, which leads to high interests.

Medical bills

Did you know that more than 100 million adults have medical debt and that 12% of these people owe more than $10,000?

Bankruptcy solutions you can find in Texas

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A liquidation bankruptcy known as Chapter 7 allows you to get rid of some or all of your debts.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you have debt higher than $5,000 you can get some of this debt reduced or discharged under Chapter 13.

Learn more

Mortgage Modifications

Falling behind your mortgage payments due to high inflation, high-cost energy bills, and high interests? If yes, call us.

Learn more

Asset Protection

What kind of assets are protected from creditors under Texas law?

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Fast, Permanent Debt Relief in Texas

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A combination of federal laws and regulations called bankruptcy can assist people who have more debt than they are able to pay back. Each of the 94 federal judicial districts has jurisdiction over bankruptcy proceedings, and bankruptcy cases are filed in the bankruptcy court in practically every district. In state court, bankruptcy cases cannot be filed. By selling up their possessions to pay off their obligations or by coming up with a repayment plan, those who are unable to pay their creditors can receive a fresh start thanks to bankruptcy rules.

The following are the main goals of bankruptcy law:

Provide an honest debtor a "new start" in life by releasing them from the majority of their obligations, and to pay back creditors in a timely manner to the degree that they are entitled to payment from the debtor's assets.

While some bankruptcy cases entail the liquidation of the debtor's assets, others are filed to allow the debtor to reorganize and create a plan to repay creditors.

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