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Student Loans Bankruptcy Laws in Texas

Just recently, the Department of Justice and the Department of Education have created a unified process for student loan bankruptcy proceedings. This newly implemented guideline will help provide consistent student loan relief from borrowers who file to discharge their student loans in bankruptcy.

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According to Congress, the new process is thought in a way to make it easier for student loan borrowers to seek relief through bankruptcy. The higher bar for student loan bankruptcy discharge puts in place clear standards which will help Justice Department attorneys decide when to recommend a student loan debt discharge to the judge without lengthy investigations. Furthermore, this new process helps student borrowers more easily identify whether they meet the criteria for seeking student loan debt relief. The changes made by Congress provide student loan borrowers with greater clarity about their options for student loan discharge and may open up additional possibilities for those who previously believed themselves ineligible for relief.

The student loan bankruptcy process, while a difficult one to traverse, provides essential relief to those burdened by this debt. With the introduction of a new bankruptcy process, borrowers will have access to assistance in assessing whether or not bankruptcy is right for them. The new process reviews the borrower’s past, present and future financial circumstances prior to making a recommendation for bankruptcy discharge of student loan debt. All information provided, such as the borrower-completed attestation form, factor into the undue hardship inquiry that ultimately determines if bankruptcy should be recommended. The Justice Department, together with the Department of Education, will review all evidence given and present an answer on loan discharge.

Are you struggling with an unbearable student loan debt that you've been paying for years? Good news! Now, the Department of Justice have allowed for Student loans to be discharged through bankruptcy for a limited time! If you classify under one of the following conditions wait no more and contact us today over the phone or fill out the form.

At this point, the most basic criteria is to cover at least on of the following points:

  1. Debtor is over 65;
  2. Debtor has a disability or medical condition impacting their potential income;
  3. Debtor was unemployed for 5 of the last 10 years
  4. Debtor did not get the degree for which they incurred the debt;
  5. The loan has been in repayment status for 10 years.