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Medical Debt Lawyers in Texas

Did you know that more than 100 million adults have medical debt? That’s right! And 12% of these americans owe more than $10,000. It has come off as a culture that health-care debt is part of their balance sheet. That’s why at DebtStoppers we offer a long-term solution - bankruptcy to reduce or wipe out your medical debt. Call us at 469-646-0750 or text us and get your free evaluation on whether you qualify for bankruptcy and how you can file a case as soon as possible!

Explore Medical Debt

Medical Debt Forgiveness - Solutions with DebtStoppers attorneys


Collection Laws in Texas

When you can’t afford to pay your healthcare bills, it can seem like you are trapped. Fortunately, bankruptcy laws were created to help people like you overcome their money troubles and deal with their crushing debts.

Bankruptcy laws can offer instant relief from your healthcare creditors. As soon as your lawyer files your petition, the court will issue an automatic stay, ordering your creditors to cease and desist all collection activities.

This court order applies to both healthcare creditors and collection agencies. All of their collection attempts must stop — even those aggravating phone calls!

Can You Include Medical Bill Debt in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy laws offer two solutions to your medical bill problem: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

With Chapter 7, you can find quick and permanent relief from most consumer debts by legally wiping them off the record. While the laws allow a trustee to sell off some of your belongings to repay creditors, our clients almost always get to keep everything.

Chapter 13 laws provide a different solution for your healthcare bill debts. Instead of eliminating your debts, Chapter 13 allows you to reduce and restructure them in a 3-to-5-year payment plan. Typically, DebtStoppers clients reimburse no more than 10% of outstanding debts through Chapter 13.

Texas Statute of Limitations for Medical Bill Debts

Under Texas laws, the statute of limitations on medical bills debts is 4 years. This means that if your healthcare provider does not initiate a lawsuit within 4 years, they cannot sue you to recover your unpaid balances. Unfortunately, healthcare providers are well-versed in the statute of limitations and they never let your balance go unpaid for that long.

DebtStoppers Can Help You Find Relief

Trying to understand bankruptcy laws and make the right decisions for your family can be intellectually and emotionally challenging.

At DebtStoppers, we’ve learned through our years of experience that:

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the process by yourself. Our experienced Texas lawyers will partner with you through every step of the bankruptcy process. Call or text DebtStoppers today at 469-646-0750 to schedule a complimentary debt analysis with one of our talented Texas attorneys.

Medical debt should never ruin your family’s future! Call or text DebtStoppers at 469-646-0750 to learn more about how you can get a fresh start.

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