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Debt Solutions in Michigan

If you find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into debt, you have plenty of company. Countless hard-working and responsible Michigan families are also dealing with financial difficulties. Missing payments can be distressing for anyone, but it can be excruciating for people who have worked hard to care for their families.

The sad truth is, even if you never accrued another cent of debt, repaying your existing balances would likely take years due to the high interest rates your creditors add to your bill each month. If you want to permanently get your family out of debt, you need to find something that works faster.

DebtStoppers provides comprehensive solutions through a Michigan bankruptcy plan. We can help you wipe out your debts and move on with your life. Call or text us today at 313-880-3970 to schedule a free debt settlement counseling session with one of our skilled Michigan lawyers.

Find the Best Solution for Your Debt Under the Laws in Michigan

Bankruptcy can provide quick and legal solutions to your financial troubles. In Michigan, you have two personal bankruptcy options: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 solutions allow you to wipe out most of your debts and give you a fresh start. While a court-appointed trustee can sell some of your belongings to pay debts, DebtStoppers clients more often than not keep everything they own.

Your other option is Chapter 13. People who choose Chapter 13 solutions can reduce and restructure their debts into a 3-to-5 year repayment plan. While you will still have to pay on your debts, you'll only have to make one reasonable monthly installment.

Possible Ways To Sink Into Debts

Debt has an unfortunate habit of creeping up on you, and once you fall behind, creditors will do everything they can to keep you in debt. Millions of American households live paycheck-to-paycheck, and a sudden expense can throw your life into a tailspin.

If you can't afford to make a payment, your creditor will quickly add a late fee and an interest charge to your bill. But if you prioritize paying the bill and then rely on credit cards to pay for other expenses, your debts will continue growing. Then, you'll have to borrow even more trying to make it through the next month. It's a financially devastating cycle that will force you deeper and deeper into debt.

The Lawyers of DebtStoppers Can Help You

Dealing with financial problems can be completely overwhelming, especially if you're trying to do it on your own. While many people claim to be able to help, many of the "solutions" they are selling will do more harm than good. Fortunately, DebtStoppers can provide you with the bankruptcy solutions that you need. Call or text us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Michigan bankruptcy attorneys.

If crushing financial obligations are destroying your family's hope, we can help you find a new vision for the future. Call or text DebtStoppers today at 313-880-3970 to request a no-cost financial solutions review with one of our accomplished Michigan lawyers.

Don't spend another minute waiting for your financial situation to improve. Call or text DebtStoppers at 313-880-3970 to find solutions to your money problems.