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Bankruptcy Chapter 13 in Michigan

Are you fighting just to keep up with your bills, making delinquent payments on your mortgage, or suffering constant harassment from debt collectors? When your debts take over your life, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you take back control.

Filing for Chapter 13 in Michigan enables you to reduce and restructure your debts by combining them into a single, manageable monthly payment. Reorganizing your debt gives you the extra time you need to pay back what you owe.

Rather than juggling multiple bills that you can't afford to pay, you'll set up a 3-to-5 year repayment plan, consolidating your debts into a monthly payment that your budget can handle. You'll pay each installment to a court-appointed trustee until your Ch. 13 bankruptcy plan is finished.

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Requirements and Laws in Michigan

Bankruptcy laws include rules limiting who is eligible to file. Before you can qualify for Chapter 13, you must participate in counseling with a qualified credit counselor. You will be required to complete a financial management course. Your DebtStoppers lawyer will make all of the necessary arrangements.

The Filing Process for Chapter 13

The first step in the process is to file a petition to your nearest Michigan district court. Once you submit the proper forms, the court will issue an automatic stay requiring your creditors to immediately stop all collection activities, including:

  • Michigan foreclosures
  • Repossessions
  • Wage garnishments
  • Lawsuits
  • Collection calls and letters
  • Any communications at all!

How Much Does It Cost To File Chapter 13 in Michigan?

Since every family's financial situation is different, the cost of our legal fees will vary depending on your circumstances. Still, DebtStoppers offers some of Michigan's most competitive rates, as well as affordable payment plans. On top of attorney fees, the court will assess a $310 filing fee when you submit your petition.

Means Test

For Chapter 7, bankruptcy laws require you to pass the "means test" to prove your family has no other way to repay your debt. The means test reviews your household and disposable incomes, and if either one exceeds the limit, you aren't eligible to have your debts discharged.

Income Limits

With Chapter 13, on the other hand, there are no income limits in place. This means you can file Chapter 13 regardless of the size of your paycheck. While the court will review your household and disposable incomes when determining your monthly payment, you can never be disqualified based on how much you make.

DebtStoppers has assisted thousands of families in filing for Chapter 13. We can help you take control of your finances and move on to the good life. Call or text us today at 313-880-3970 to request a no-obligation debt evaluation and discover how our bankruptcy plans can change your life for the better. Let our skilled Michigan attorneys help you and your family!

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