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How To Repair Your Credit in Florida?

If you're experiencing financial difficulties, bankruptcy can be the most effective way to repair your credit. Filing for bankruptcy in Florida enables you to eliminate the debt that is hurting your score and start over with a blank slate.

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How To Clear Your Credit Reports? Is It Legal?

You probably already know that a poor score can prevent you from qualifying for financing or a new account. You might have already had loan or credit card applications rejected because your score was too low.

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution that can instantly improve your score. "Credit repair" services in Florida that pretend they can make all the derogatory information on your report disappear are con artists that you should avoid at all costs. Anything that one of these companies can legally do to remove negative marks from your report and repair your score, you can do for yourself for free.

Credit Repair Laws in Florida

Bankruptcy is the only credit repair solution that wipes out your debts, providing you with the second chance you need to secure the good life. In Florida, individuals can file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy laws.

Chapter 7 gives you a financial do-over by wiping out the majority of your debts. While a case trustee is permitted to liquidate some of your property to repay debts, the majority of DebtStoppers clients get to keep most — if not all — of their belongings.

Your other option, Chapter 13, reorganizes and reduces your debt instead of eliminating it. You'll set up a 3-to-5-year repayment plan that will allow you to make one reasonable payment a month, allowing you to pay back what you owe over time.

Bankruptcy Can Help You

Filing for bankruptcy in Florida allows you to get rid of the debt that caused your bad score in the first place. While the filing will remain on your report for ten years, the positive effect on your score usually more than surpasses any damage. In fact, many people repair their credit scores by filing.

Since each creditor has its own standards for approving applications, you can still obtain financing after a bankruptcy. Many creditors would prefer to lend money to a person who has wiped out their debts than to someone who is financially overextended and buried in debts. You can typically qualify for auto loans or credit cards shortly after the process is finished.

A poor score can also prevent you from getting a mortgage. After your fresh start, you can qualify for an FHA mortgage after 2 years if you file Chapter7, or just a single year if you choose Chapter 13.

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