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What Documents to Gather for Your Bankruptcy Filing

To file for bankruptcy, you need to provide financial information backed up by documentation. Gathering together the correct documents can help your bankruptcy proceed smoothly and quickly.

Along with proof of your identity in the form of a photo I.D. and Social Security card, you are required to supply:

  • Creditor information. The name, address, account number, amount you owe and any other pertinent information for all of your creditors.
  • Tax returns. You need the past two years for Chapter 7 and four years for Chapter 13. You may not be permitted to move ahead with your bankruptcy until any outstanding tax returns are completed.
  •  Proof of income. Paystubs for the last six months plus your last two W-2s are required for employees. The self-employed may have to provide a profit and loss statement for the last six months backed up by business bank statements.
  • Real estate valuation. If you own property, supply a recent mortgage statement showing the loan balance backed up by a deed of trust, proof of home insurance, a property evaluation, broker’s statement or online valuation.
  • Motor vehicles.  Furnish copies of the titles and registrations for any cars with a statement of their blue-book value. If have loans on any vehicles, include a recent loan statement with the amount of the monthly payment.
  • Bank and retirement accounts. Recent statements for all checking, saving and retirement accounts.

Depending on your situation, you may need to gather proof of any other circumstances that affect your expenses, such as alimony payments or child support payments.

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