Repo Disaster: Owner Steals and Crashes Camaro

Determination is an admirable quality, but when a debtor decides to hold onto a sports car by any means necessary, it can lead to disaster. That was the case in Jefferson County, Alabama, where 48-year-old Sean Monroe stopped a repossession of his Chevrolet Camaro by blocking the path of the tow truck with another car and brandishing a gun. The repo agent, who didn’t know Monroe was the owner, thought it was a robbery. When Monroe ordered the agent to drop the car, he left the Camaro sitting in the middle of Minor Parkway and drove off to report the robbery to the police.

Meanwhile, deputies responding to the scene of a crash on Minor Parkway found a Camaro crushed beneath an overturned tractor-trailer. A FedEx truck had collided with the abandoned Camaro, jackknifed, and overturned. As deputies were taking this all in, Mr. Monroe returned to the scene — and was promptly arrested and charged with first-degree robbery. 

Of course, this is an extreme example of what people in debt may be driven to do. But at DebtStoppers, we see many average folks who are under intense pressure to pay their bills, and they make choices that set them back even further. Our goal is to get you out from under crushing debt, so you can breathe easily, think clearly and choose wisely. For many of our clients, bankruptcy is a way to discharge debt and hold onto vehicles that are threatened with repossession. If you need to hang onto your car for work, errands or commuting to school, an experienced bankruptcy attorney at DebtStoppers can show you how.

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