Non-Dischargeable Debts in Bankruptcy and How to Manage Them

For the most part, bankruptcy provides you with a fresh financial start after you have become overwhelmed with debt. However, it will not necessarily wipe out all of your debts, so even after you have filed for bankruptcy protection, you may still have some issues with paying your creditors.

Nondischargeable debts under Chapter 7 bankruptcy include:

Nondischargeable debts under Chapter 13 bankruptcy include:

So what do you do when you file for bankruptcy and still have several nondischargeable debts to worry about? Your best option is to arrange a payment plan with your creditors to give you some extra time to pay off the debts. You should also be sure to prioritize your debts, paying off those with larger interest rates earlier so that you can avoid having to pay significantly more money later.

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