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Besides daffodils and robins, another sure sign of spring is the tax preparation firm hyping "Rapid Refund," "Fast Cash Refund," "Express Money," or "Instant Refund." The seasonal promise to deliver your state and federal tax refunds immediately, (if not sooner!) comes at an unexpected and hefty price. You should know that the tax preparer is not lighting… Read More »

When credit card debt starts to pile up, so does the stress and anxiety that can prevent us from thinking clearly. To a worried consumer, even the most transparent scam can seem like a stroke of good fortune; how much more vulnerable are we, then, to a polished presentation by someone posing as a financial professional… Read More »

DebtStoppers clients have told us that they put off filing for bankruptcy in Atlanta because they thought they'd have to give up everything they owned. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. One of the best parts of bankruptcy in Georgia is that it… Read More »

With small businesses facing crushing losses due to pandemic-related closures, many are struggling to keep going. For some, low-interest loans and new tax credits will provide enough sustenance to survive the crisis, depending on how long the slowdown lasts. Others might find that reorganizing their debt load through Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the best option… Read More »

Every part of the country has been affected by the coronavirus. Like restaurants, arenas and other locations where people assemble for business or pleasure, most courts have been closed. If you are in the midst of a bankruptcy proceeding, your case might be delayed, handled telephonically or be otherwise disrupted due to the pandemic. Furthermore,… Read More »

In the middle of an election year where healthcare is already a hotly debated issue, the COVID-19 pandemic has stirred further discussion about whether major changes are necessary. During the Democratic presidential primary, the concept of Medicare for All split the candidates. While the candidate who promoted that concept has since dropped out of the… Read More »

Did you make any New Year's resolutions about getting a handle on your finances, saving more money or finally getting out of debt? Paying off debt is a worthy goal because mounting debt can cause significant stress, which is one of the leading causes of many health conditions. If you'd like to be happier and healthier, then focus on paying down your debt and watch how much better you'll start to feel… Read More »

The best defense against foreclosure is to act proactively. In a tough economy, many factors contribute to a homeowner's ability to pay his or her mortgage or other debts. Regardless of the reason, if you fall behind on your payments, keep in regular contact with your lender. Under the terms of the National Mortgage Settlement, lenders must make certain options available to homeowners to stay out of foreclosure… Read More »

When filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Georgia, you must complete a credit counseling and debtor education session. Both are meant to help you plan your budget and put you in the best possible financial situation, but each have specific factors that are important to understand. A list of approved Georgia and Atlanta credit counseling agencies can be found on the U.S. Department of Justice website… Read More »

One of the biggest myths about bankruptcy is that it will require you to give up your personal possessions. To the contrary, bankruptcy can often help you hold onto your most significant assets. Take your car, for instance... Read More »