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Client Testimonials Illinois

5* Tonisha Reynolds - "Great review for Nathan Delman and Mark Bernchea very professional very quick funny and went through the process step by step with me I am very relieved!! And happy to ha e them as an attorney I defly defly recommend"

5* Rickia Dominguez - "Mark Bernachea was AWESOME!!!! Never thought that I would find myself needing these services however here I am. Mark made this experience very tolerable for me he explained everything for me step by step and not to mention he got me in and out!! VERY PERSONABLE!!!!"

5* Cora Blackwell - "I will recommend Debtstoppers to anyone I know that is an similar situation that I was in. I went in to Debtstoppers and got my case handled fast. I am supper happy with my experience with them and would highly recommend them."

5* Samantha Wood - This office is amazing. They make the process so not scary at all. You are comfortable while in the office and they answer any and all questions you might have. I was very pleased with all the staff."

5* Bandit Booker - "After My meeting with my attorney I had a better understanding of what I had to do, It was explained to me clearly and to the point, I was relieved, My stress level went from 100% to 0 in a matter of minutes I want to Thank the people at Debt Stoppers at the Crest hill Office for their Professionalism and Support, My Experience was Quick and Easy. Again Thank You."

5* Adrienne Creary - "I am truly impressed and thankful of the honesty and integrity of standards this office has been amazing! Corey and Israel was on top of everything and moved so quickly and everything was reasonable to my budget. I truly recommend debt stoppers if you are overwhelmed by bills and need a second chance at life. This is the place to come to. Very professional and very understanding and kind and most of all NO JUDGEMENT. I am on my way to a new beginning!"

5* "Aaron Lockhart - "Dalilah was very compassionate and helpful in assisting me with all of my service questions and needs. She even sent me the paperwork that I needed along with instructions to conquer a situation in my Bankruptcy journey. Thanks Dalilah for all your help and patience and encouraging me to keep my head up while going through Bankruptcy. Thank you."

5* Lisa Johnson - "I want to thank Debtstoppers for the great legal advise and service of my bankruptcy case. The attorney was excellent as well as the staff how walked me thru the entire process from start to finish. I recommend that if you need to stop harassing collection calls, letters, etc.. call Debtstoppers!"

5* George Shealey - "Debtstoppers was great! They helped me with my financial stress and literally saved my life!"

5* Larry Cole - "I'm in the first stage of filling, but it seems like dept stopper is going to get me out of debt and give me peace of mind at a reasonable price"

5* Joanel Sullivan - "The lawyers We had the pleasure of working with, Tom and Ryan were the most professional, courteous and understanding young men. They really listened to what we had to say and went out of their way to look things up that WE were worried about. They made the whole process easy and painless. Just glad they were at HOME and were not out in this crazy world that we live in right now. If anyone reads this you are in the right hands."

5* Kenyatta Bell - "Even though I waited an hour before I got to meet with someone and I had an appointment the process was organized. I was upset that I had to do this but at that point I was sinking. The person you speak with when you first call them is very kind and reassuring. When you go for your appointment it's professional, organized and quick(the processing). Experience is great so far."

5* Amanda Gibson - "Waiting for my appointment I heard Jim speaking to someone out of state and he was letting them know to make sure the attorney they find was reputable and told them to make sure to look at reviews. I thought it was very sweet he was trying to help."

5* Tonya Ferrell - " My experience at Debt Stopppers was amazing. They made me very comfortable and gave me loads Of info about different types of bankruptcies. I was made to feel that my situation was not impossible. Thankyou for being patient and informed!"

5* Tamika Wilson - " Debt stoppers are helping me to resolve what could've been a headache, I really didn't know where to start, but luckily calling them, everything is going smoothly, so far, and I hope to get my debt problem resolved soon. They are very professional, and is handling my case very well, So far So good, I'm glad I called Debt stoppers, I will refer them, if anyone needs help. THANKS"

5* Karri Baby - "I got very good advice from attorney Jamie Torres. I look to be working with him further during these times. He reassured me that even the things I thought that were very hard was easy for him to solve. Very grateful to have debt stoppers on my side during the outbreak."

5* Kenyetta Martin - " My name Kenyetta Martin I been with Debt Stoppers since 2010. I have done good with my finance but when it gets overwhelmed. I file for bankruptcy not once not twice but my third time I filed a Chapter 7. I am so excited to have paid off my attorneys fees. I promise to take care and manage my bills better never be afraid to file for bankruptcy it's a good new beginning take it from me 👍👍👍👍👍👍"

5* sherida pullen - " The staff was very professional and prompt with what I needed to be debt free! They explained everything step by step and insuring that they would walk us trough everything. I definitely would recommend DebtStoppers"

5* jesus garcia - " Went to debt stoppers 2 weeks ago. Let me tell you that the process was so easy. They told me what I needed (wasn’t much), every few days they check on me to see how I was doing and how things were going. The day I went to my actual appointment to file the lawyer Desirae Bedford was so nice and patient with everything. She walked me through it step by step, explained everything and was very nice. I really recommend her and this place. I went to 111th and western. If you’re in dept and need help these are your people and please ask to see Desirae she’s so good with people and patient. She was sweet and such a people person. I give her 5 stars. Ty Desirae for making the process so easy and for clearing my dept."

5* L - " I had used Debstoppers a few years ago to file bankruptcy. That time they were professional, courteous, efficient and most of all patient. All of my questions and concerns were addressed and the final result was just as they promised! A few years later I found myself needing their services again. This time I was working directly with attorney Mike Miller. Mike was absolutely a Godsend. He explained the process, of filing Chpt 13 and answered my endless questions over and over again (he never tired of my calls/emails). He counseled me on all my options which included filing Chpt 13 and presenting my creditor with a settlement offer. I ended up not filing Chpt 13 but Mike STILL assisted me. He went beyond the call of duty by giving me **free** legal counsel regarding my settlement offer to GM in addition to reviewing the paperwork they sent me. All to ensure I would be receiving what I had hoped for with this creditor - a legal binding settlement that will free me of that debt! Thanks so much for being an A+++ service to our community! I am so grateful! Thanks again!"

5* Chiquita Hodges - " I originally thought that I would walk in here and feel judged from the moment that I walked through the door. That was completely NOT the case! Everyone was so respectful, helpful, and knowledgeable about information. I personally worked with Ryan who help me get started and he is GREAT! He's so funny and down to earth! He made me feel at ease and was able to answer all of my questions! There are many talking firms that can help out people but I would definitely refer DEBTSTOPPERS!"

5* Georgia Duckworth - " My experience with working with DebtStoppers was incredible. Betty Szwab, Paralegal, was patient and very knowledgeable when working with me. She always had time to answer whatever question I had and returned my phone calls promptly. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate Betty's concern for getting me through my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Betty is an awesome individual and I would love to continue working with her. Please express my sincere appreciation to Betty for all her efforts to assist me."

5* Marshae Price - " Mike Miller is the best!!! He was able to help me consolidate my debt, save my license and secure my car all at a affordable price. I didn't think I would ever come from under my debt until I came here. Thanks Debt Stoppers, especially Mike Miller for given me a piece of mind."

5* Abraham Rodriguez - " Very professional law firm. Everyone was courteous and attentive from start to end. Everything was explained in detail, I came out relieved knowing I would have a fresh start. Thank you Sully Valentin for making the process easy and comfortable."