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Client Testimonials Georgia

5* Jonathan Prince - "Phil Lehman is the best bankruptcy attorney in Georgia! Phil walked me through what I thought was a complicated bankruptcy process with ease. He took time to explain everything and got me the answers no one else could. Every attorney could learn something from Phil. Thank you Phil for your help and keep up the great work. Simply put, amazing people, amazing firm, and an amazing business model because helping people is their number one priority"

5* Ray Robin - "My experience with this office was a lot better with an amazing staff, including the courtesy officer! Everyone was very helpful, informative, & friendly! I couldn’t have a chosen a better place to complete my bankruptcy. Thank you Debt Stoppers team for your hard work, dedication and exceptional customer service!"

5* Sharryll Sparks - " My experience with DebtStoppers was unbelievable, just truly AMAZING!! Bobby Palmer Managing Attorney, is the kindest, sweetest, most caring and smartest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He put me at ease was super super understanding and made me feel good. Dylan Steed was also incredible! He too made me feel at ease was extremely knowledgeable and very very sweet and kind. Thank you Bobby and Dylan for being number one winners and helping to get back on my feet and on the road to financial freedom!! You guys ROCK!!!!😄"

5* Tatorbug Reed - " Our experience with The Semrad Law Firm (dept stoppers) was very good. All the people there are so nice and willing to help you. The first appointment I had was with the attorney Craig Cooper and he was so helpful in making sure I understood how the process of chapter 7 goes. The second appointment was with a paralegal Tia Williams. She was super, she went over and beyond to make sure we understood each paragraph on every page. She even called me the next week to make sure everything was going according. That is what I call a caring firm. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much Tia!"

5* Jason Miner - " I was drowning in debt robbing Peter to pay Paul and sometimes Paul wasn't getting paid and these folks really helped us out now I've been able to save the car I can make my mortgage payments I actually have money left over every month to be able to actually go buy groceries instead of having to borrow money from people to make sure we have food in the house I love these people got everything quick got it done easy and we're in better Straits now big thank you to everybody who works there and their help and getting through this understanding what was going on and making sure everything was done correctly"

5* Damarcus Brittian - " The welcome from Bianca, Cindy & Evan will bring the best feeling of understanding. When I walked in the atmosphere is peaceful and welcoming. The knowledge of how things work and how things are going to work is what they gave me. This is one office that represents the way a business should be run and with the utmost concern for their customers. Team work is a standard that is very well displayed from Bianca, Cindy & Evan. Thanks for all you do!"

5* Tiffani Hudson - " I have had nothing but wonderful experiences visiting this office. They are professional, friendly and informative. From the front desk, to the lawyer himself they were all very accommodating. They answered all my questions, walked us through the process and we left feeling free. They were even patient with the fact that I had my children with me. I highly recommend Patrick and Bianca to help you get your life back! I'm so excited about my future because as we know credit is everything!"

5* T Hudson - "What a great experience I had!!! The entire staff was nice, professional, and very knowledgeable. They answered any questions I had and walked us through the entire process. I was afraid initially to even begin the process, however they made it painless! I left the office feeling free!!! I would highly recommend the Stockbridge location to anyone who is looking to stop their debt. Did I mention how fast the process was!!!"

5* Jfelix Crawford - " I just left this location and received superior service from start to finish. My question were answered without hesitation. I would really recommend this location. Bianca and Evan was top notch..."

5* Sandra Holmes - " Alexander bruno is a very polite professional individual. He answered all of my questions and filed my case in a very effective and timely manner!"

5* Jamie B. Terrero - " Debt stoppers was the best choice I could have possibly made for my chapter 7 filing! They were knowledgeable, helpful and attentive to my needs & answered all of my questions & responded quickly to every email I sent even after my case was discharged. Can't recommend them enough!!"

5* Rosie Kirby - " Alexander Bruno was very helpful in getting my information for my bankruptcy. Was professional and compassionate. This is a very hard time for me and for him to show concern really makes a difference. He was just as the radio commercial said it would be. I would be happy to tell someone about this company! Times like these you need people who understand! Thanks Mr. Bruno for all your professionalism!"

5* G Hall - " Alexander Bruno is amazing. He really took the time to review my case and get a thorough understanding of what I was going through. His genuine concern and patience with me set my mind and heart at ease. His knowledge of the legal ins and outs is top notch. He was very prepared, very pleasant and very professional. If you want to work with the best, Mr. Bruno is the one!"

5* James Albers - " Alexander Bruno did a wonderful job. I felt comfortable working with him through every stage of bankruptcy! I recommend him if you are looking to file. I was on the edge of filing for bankruptcy And he made me realize it was definitely in my best interest to file. Thank you Alexander!"

5* Robert Willis - " Alexander Bruno helped me tremendously throughout the entire process and made things very easy. From helping me locate my taxes to getting my pay stubs he was there to help. He made me feel comfortable too. I was very hesitant about filing but thanks to him it was not nearly as bad as I thought. Seemed to know the law very well. I recommend Alexander if you are going here and I recommend Debtstoppers as a whole. The receptionist was very nice as well."

5* B W - " If you are considering bankruptcy this is the place to call for sure! Peter is the best attorney I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life! He took plenty of time to explain my options after hearing my situation, and then helped me understand the best avenue to take. Look no further than DebtStoppers Lithonia!"

5* Renae Davis - " Greetings! Peter Batalon is one of your OUTSTANDING and KNOWLEDGEABLE employees who has truly handled, followed-up with lingering issues that occurred. I have highly recommended DEBT STOPPERS mainly because of Peter and the staff at Stonecrest! Please value your employees as they are hard to come by. I love you guys. Thanks, Ms. Davis"

5* Juanita Williams - " Brandy is such a wonderful person to talk too, every time i come to the office she greets me and we always have real life conversation...and at the same time she's talking to me she has my file pulled up and ready to go. She is so awesome...and she's always a pleasure to talk too. Thanks for all of your help."

5* Raina Lane - " They are amazingly friendly, kind and generous. Very attentive and understanding. I would recommend them to anyone."

5* T R - " Really nice people work here. The receptionist Brandi made me feel comfortable (very nice young lady and professional) and answered basic questions about Bankruptcy. I would recommended this firm to my friends and family."