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Unlucky Thief Has Getaway Car Repossessed During Robbery

In August of last year, the Chicago Tribune reported that a Zion, Illinois, man had his car repossessed at a very inopportune time. Che Hearn, 25 years old, had planned to use the vehicle to carry about $300 worth of stolen electronics away from the Walmart store at 2680 N. Route 83. Unfortunately for Hearn, agents of a vehicle repossession company had tailed him to the store, and when he went inside, they quickly towed his car from the store lot. When he emerged from the store, carrying a shopping basket full of hot merchandise, his car was gone. A Walmart employee then confronted Hearn, who dropped the basket and left the parking lot on foot. Police later apprehended him walking by the side of the road. He has been charged with misdemeanor theft involving merchandise of less than $300 value. 

At DebtStoppers, we fully understand the pressures people face when they are behind in payments for a car loan, a mortgage or credit card debt. We know that pressure can make them do desperate things. Fortunately for Mr. Hearn, he’s only facing a minor charge, and public embarrassment may be his greater punishment. But this case does illustrate how poor choices under economic stress can make matters worse for you and for your family. Before you let that happen, talk to a bankruptcy attorney at our firm. We are DebtStoppers. We can stop harassing creditors in their tracks and get you a fresh start. You can trust your future to us, because a clean slate is much, much better than any getaway car.

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