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Robert Semrad Provides 3 Tips to Understanding Your Debt Relief Options

Debt relief is something that is on the minds of thousands of Americans.

This is even apparent several years following the 2008 economic crisis. People lost their savings, their retirement funds, their homes, and everything they had worked for prior to the crash, and the recovery is still very much apparent. Furthermore, because of the vulnerability of those who suffered through this and the desperation of scammers looking for quick cash, debt relief schemes grew. Now more than ever, Americans require better and stronger options for debt relief. Robert Semrad, founder and partner at Debstoppers has seen this unfortunate problem time and time again.

It is because of this constant issue that he provides the following three tips to understanding debt relief options.

  1. A free consultation with DebtStoppers is meangingful for both the attorney and the client. Robert Semrad talks about why a sit-down is important to the client and the attorney:

“Many people say “free consultation.” They try to get you in to sign you up. You come to our offices, where we go through your income, your expenses, and your debt in order to determine which option is the best fit for you. Many times, we tell people they don’t even need to declare bankruptcy, because we are able to find better options for them to go about relieving their debt. You’ll sit with us through the hour, or longer if necessary, to determine your situation and the best way to deal with it.”

2. Investigate and do research on the companies you might work with, and find the one that works for you. Robert Semrad recommends starting your search online:

“Every company is going to have a few complaints online. However, when you go on the web, and you check out the Better Business Bureau, or just blogs that are out there, you may see hundreds of complaints, and they basically all say the same thing. This includes “They took my money. They didn’t call me back. My credit was hurt. This wasn’t a solution for me.” It’s pretty easy with the Internet these days to find the good companies and the ones that aren’t so reputable.”

3. Beware of debt relief schemes. Allow bankruptcy to be an option for you and your family. Robert Semrad suggests looking elsewhere besides quick schemes and ploys to get rid of debt.

“There are dozens of companies out there with different schemes for getting you out of debt, such as debt negotiation, consolidation, modification and of course, debt settlement. They all promise to get you out of debt without filing for bankruptcy. They have something else in common too. They just don’t work. Sometimes a bankruptcy plan is the only plan that works, like the ones we’ve designed for thousands of families everyday at DebtStoppers.”

Alongside all of the above tips, there is one that Mr. Semrad always recommends. That tip is to simply breathe. If you are going through the initial stages of finding debt relief, start by taking a deep breath. Know that everything will be okay and that a solution to debt and financial problems is just around the corner.

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