How To Get Your Bankruptcy Case Number

Bankruptcy case numbers (sometimes referred to as docket numbers) identify each particular filing submitted to the courts. It’s assigned when the debtor files the initial paperwork and will be used throughout the duration of the proceedings. While the exact structure may vary depending on the bankruptcy court where you filed, a typical formation includes the filing year and a five-digit unique numerical identifier.

Ways To Get Your Bankruptcy Case Number

Your case number should be listed on every document that is filed with the court. It can be found in the box on the top of the first page, which is called the caption, and the clerk will stamp it in the top margin. Courts also include filers’ numbers on all the notices they send them regarding their bankruptcy cases.

Find Online

If you don’t have hard copies of any of the legal documents that have been filed, you can also find your bankruptcy case number online using the federal. government’s Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service. PACER allows anyone to locate and review United States federal court documents by signing up for an account. With PACER, you can search using your name to find your number, as well as most of the other available information in your records.

By Phone

In addition to PACER records, you can also access a limited amount of information from U.S. bankruptcy courts using your phone. To obtain your information, call the Multi-court Voice Case Information System 1-866-222-8029 with a touch-tone phone. You can then say the name of the court you filed in and search using your name or SSN.

In Person

At most U.S. bankruptcy courts, you can find a public access terminal in the clerk’s office. If you want to find your records in person, you can search using your name to find your number and other essential information at one of these terminals.

Are There Any Fees?

While it is free to sign up for PACER, the site charges an access fee of $0.10 per page, up to $3 per document. However, if you spend less than $30 per quarter, your fees will be waived, and you’ll owe nothing.

There is never a fee to obtain your number by phone or in-person using a public access terminal.

What If I Have a Lawyer?

One of the benefits of working with an experienced attorney is they will guide you through the process and keep track of administrative information like your bankruptcy case number for you. Many lawyers will even include it in the correspondence they send clients about their cases.

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