What You Should Know About Filing for Bankruptcy in Georgia Without an Attorney

Choosing to file bankruptcy by yourself (pro se) can be a very expensive mistake

At DebtStoppers, we encourage initiative. So, if rather than sitting passively with a mountain of debt, you’ve decide to become debt-free, we’re behind you all the way. Our attorneys have the knowledge, skill and experience to represent you in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy efficiently, sparing you undue stress and hardship. But if your initiative extends to filing bankruptcy as a do-it-yourself project, we must warn you that common errors by pro se filers often result in expensive, irreversible losses. But using a qualified bankruptcy attorney results in stress-free, efficient handling of your case that ultimately saves you time and possibly money.

Common errors lead to unnecessary losses when you try to file yourself

At DebtStoppers, we’re able to protect assets our clients thought for sure they’d lose, so our satisfied clients find that our bankruptcy service pays for itself. You might say, “Hey, I’m already in bankruptcy, what else do I have to lose?” But the answer is, “A lot,” as these common mistakes make very clear:

DebtStoppers appreciates that people facing bankruptcy to want to save on unnecessary expenses. But eliminating attorney fees means losing many protections the law was designed to deliver. Moreover, most pro se (DIY) filings get dismissed by the courts, because the average filer doesn’t foresee procedural and paperwork problems.

File for bankruptcy the right way. Call Atlanta DebtStoppers today!

Facing bankruptcy alone will only multiply your problems. But an experienced DebtStoppers attorney in Atlanta can manage your bankruptcy from start to finish so you come out further ahead than if you filed yourself.. Call us today at 678-673-2142 or  contact us online to set up a free consultation.

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