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Robert J. Semrad

Senior Partner

Since establishing his Atlanta bankruptcy law practice in 2009, Robert J. Semrad has dedicated himself to bringing bankruptcy debt protection to people in need throughout northern Georgia. The Semrad Law Firm — DebtStoppers, has since provided critical financial relief to thousands, saving homes from foreclosure, freeing clients from crippling credit card and medical debt and giving Georgia’s families a fresh financial start.

Rob Semrad, a practicing bankruptcy attorney since 1994, decided long before founding DebtStoppers Atlanta that his law firm would never turn away a client in need due to the cost of professional representation. Recently DebtStoppers has extended this commitment even further — not only deferring attorney fees, but actually lending qualified Chapter 7 clients the court-mandated filing fee. “For a lot of folks seeking our help,” Rob explains, “that $335 court filing fee is what’s keeping them from relief they desperately need. That just doesn’t make sense to me. That’s why we’ll advance that fee to the court, file the case and get them the relief they need today.”

DebtStoppers — the Semrad Law firm, has become one of Georgia’s bankruptcy law leaders — in large measure due to Robert Semrad’s commitment to offering legal debt protection to every client that needs it. Rob himself, says it best: “If you’re in financial trouble and bankruptcy protection is right for you, this law firm will find a way to get it done.”

In addition to establishing Debtstoppers, Robert J Semrad and his family founded the Semrad Foundation as a way to give back and spotlight the causes that are making a difference in the communities they serve.