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Unpaid Camera Tickets in Illinois

Chicago, Illinois, takes unpaid camera tickets seriously. If you can't afford to pay your tickets in time, the city will charge you interest and penalties that can rapidly grow to thousands of dollars in debt. Even worse, if you get 5 or more speeding or red light camera tickets, Illinois can suspend your driver's license.

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What Are the Types of Camera Tickets in Illinois?

The city of Chicago issues tickets to drivers who are caught on camera:

  • Running red lights (Red Light Camera Enforcement)
  • Speeding (Automated Speed Enforcement Program)

Red light violations are captured by digital cameras that are connected to the traffic signal system. They use radar to recognize when vehicles are approaching the intersection and take photos and video of the back of any car that enters the intersection during a red light.

Similarly, speeding tickets are issued when the unit's 3D radar detects a vehicle driving over the speed limit, triggering the camera to take photos and video. For both types of camera violations, the city reviews the footage and sends citations to the vehicle's registered owner shown in the pictures.

How to Contest the Unpaid Camera Tickets?

The registered owner has the right to request a hearing contesting Illinois red light or speeding tickets. The process for contesting a citation is as follows:

  • When contesting a violation, you have 14 days from the date the citation is issued to object by mail or in person.
  • If you don't pay the fine or request a hearing, the city will send a Notice of Determination saying you have been found liable by default.
  • After the Notice of Determination is issued, 21 days are allowed for contesting the decision in person.
  • If you don't appear within 21 days, Chicago will mail you a Notice of Final Determination, letting you know that the contesting period has expired.
  • After the time for contesting has passed, the city will also assess an additional penalty that can be equal to the fine when it issues the Final Determination.

The process for contesting a citation can be time-consuming, and only certain defenses are allowed. If you can't provide evidence supporting one of the official defenses, you won't be able to successfully contest the charge.

Why Is It Necessary to Call an Experienced Local Lawyer?

Contesting citations rarely works, and your ticket balance will just continue to grow over time. You could lose your license, your car, and much more.

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