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Debt Solutions in Illinois

Debt. When it becomes a problem, it's the only thing you can think about. Countless hardworking people in Chicago and across the state are suffering under the crushing weight of past-due credit card payments, delinquent mortgages, and overdrawn checking accounts.

Explore Debt Solutions

Debt Solutions through Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Explained by Experienced Chicago Attorneys


What Are the Debt Solutions Through Bankruptcy?

Filing a petition in the nearest district bankruptcy court can provide the debt solutions you need. The laws offer two different types of relief.

Chapter 7 enables you to quickly and legally eliminate your unsecured debts. The law allows specific "non-exempt assets" to be liquidated to repay creditors, but this rarely happens with our Illinois clients.

Chapter 13 allows you to decrease your debts and consolidate them into a three-to-five-year repayment plan. While you still have to make a payment, it will be an amount you can actually manage.

How To Choose the Best One for You?

Which of these bankruptcy solutions is best for you? It depends on your family's financial situation.

Chapter 7 is generally best when:

On the other hand, Chapter 13 can be more advantageous if:

DebtStoppers can help review your personal circumstances to decide which type of bankruptcy is best for you. Call or text today to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced Illinois attorneys.

What Are the Illinois Chapter 13 Laws?


What Are the Debt Collector Laws in Illinois?

In Illinois, both state and federal laws protect you from abusive debt collection practices. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) applies across America, and its restrictions are supplemented by additional rules in the Illinois Collection Agency Act (ICAA). While the FDCPA applies to all collectors, the ICAA companies whose primary business is collecting debts.

A few types of illegal collections practices under the ICAA include:

Unfortunately, even though these methods are unethical and illegal, many collectors continue to practice them. Bankruptcy solutions can take care of this problem too. As soon as you file your petition, your creditors have to STOP ALL COLLECTION ACTIVITIES. They won't even be able to call you!

If your creditors decide to ignore the automatic stay and continue to call you, DebtStopper will take them to court on our own dime to get you financial compensation for their violations. We ensure every client gets the relief they need from creditor harassment.

Contact the Debtstoppers Attorneys for Additional Help

When debts are your problem, DebtStoppers bankruptcy solutions can lift the burden off your shoulders. The first step is to call or text DebtStoppers at 312-913-0630 to set up a free one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced Illinois attorneys.

You don't have to spend another day struggling under the weight of your debts. Call or text DebtStoppers today!

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