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Unpaid Parking and Camera Tickets | License Suspensions in Chicago

Eliminate Your Chicago Parking Ticket Balance

The city of Chicago takes unpaid parking and camera violations seriously. If you don't pay your tickets when they want you to, they'll add penalties and interest charges that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. Chicago is also notorious for booting and impounding cars over delinquent tickets. In addition, if you get 5 or more speeding or red light camera tickets, they can suspend your license.

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Parking Tickets in Chicago

After you receive a ticket, you have 25 days until the amount you owe doubles. If you have three or more unpaid tickets, Chicago can boot your car and tow it to the impound lot after being immobilized for 24 hours.

Booting and impounding results in additional fees, including:

  • A $60 to $400 boot fee
  • A $750 to $1,000 fine if you tamper with the boot
  • A $150 to $250 towing fee
  • Impound storage fees of $20 to $60 per day for the first 5 days and $35 to $100 per day after that, up to $1,000.

To get your car out of impound, you'll have to take care of all of your outstanding tickets plus all fines, penalties, and fees. If you can't afford to pay, your car will remain impounded and continue to accumulate storage fees. The amount you owe grows every day, so even if you are working hard to get your vehicle back, you may never get there.

Driver’s License Suspensions

In addition to booting, towing, and impounding your car, the city used to suspend your driver's license if you had 10 unpaid parking tickets. Although this law changed in early 2020, licenses taken away before the practice ended remain suspended. People with license suspensions cannot get their driving privileges back until they pay their balance in full. This leaves many people to be unable to drive for months or even years.

Unpaid Parking Ticket Payment Plans

Chicago offers payment plans that are supposed to allow you to pay back your balance over months or years. Unfortunately, these plans require that you make a down payment on the amount you owe.

Suppose the city has booted your car or suspended your license. In that case, they won't give you a payment plan unless you make a down payment of 50% of your ticket debt and pay in full all outstanding fees, including boot, tow, and storage fees. If you meet specific "hardship qualifications," your down payment can be reduced to 25%, but you’ll still be responsible for the full balance.

DebtStoppers Can Provide a Bankruptcy Solution

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