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Wage Garnishment in Illinois

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You finally found a job to pay off all of your debts. Too bad a creditor has decided he can't wait any longer and wants to garnish your wages. Wage garnishment is one way that creditors can punish you for your economic hardship. If you don't want your employer to withhold wages for your creditor, contact our bankruptcy attorneys in Chicago today.

Illinois wage garnishment is a legal process in which the creditor gets a court order requiring the debtor's employer to withhold a certain amount of the debtor's wages until the debt is paid. Garnishment can be used to collect on any type of debt. While the Consumer Credit Protection Act prohibits the garnishment of all of a debtor’s wages, even garnishment of some wages can make it difficult for the debtor to pay regular living expenses. It can also harm employer-employee relations. An employer cannot terminate an employee for garnishment for one debt, but the employer is permitted to do so if garnishment is required for multiple debts. You could find yourself deprived of the means to get yourself out of debt because your creditors refused to wait.

If your creditor threatens to garnish your wages, contact our skilled Chicago garnishment lawyers so that they can help you find a way out. One solution is to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When you file a petition for bankruptcy, your creditors are automatically barred from taking any action against you, including lawsuits, threatening phone calls and wage garnishment. Filing for bankruptcy releases you from your debts. With luck, you will never be threatened with garnishment again.

You should consider carefully which type of bankruptcy would be best for your situation. If you have no major assets to protect and want to get rid of your debts quickly, ask an attorney at our garnishment firm in Chicago about the merits of Chapter 7. If you don't want to lose any assets and would prefer making reasonable debt payments over time, consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy. With bankruptcy, the creditor is cut out of your employer-employee relationship. You get to decide how to pay off your debts.

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