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DebtStoppers Chicago Files Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case for Zero Money Down

We'll spend our own Money to Get You out of Debt

We know what you're going through—the bills, the calls, the stress. You're ready to start fresh with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but money's so tight you can't even afford a filing fee. We understand. Thanks why as long as you've got a job and a bank account, DebtStoppers will advance your Chapter 7 filing fee and get you the relief you need today.

Most bankruptcy firms offer payment plans. Only DebtStoppers advances you the money to get you relief. Only DebtStoppers is ready to invest in you.

Giving Illinois residents affordable access to powerful financial relief

If you are considering bankruptcy, you are already having serious financial problems. That’s why DebtStoppers allows you to begin the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process without paying any money up front. During your initial free consultation at one of our offices in the Chicago area, we explain the bankruptcy process and determine whether you meet the legal requirements to file. Because of the size and strength of our firm, if you have a job and a bank account, you can enter into bankruptcy without needing to put any money down.

How does Chapter 7 bankruptcy work?

While federal law gives Americans the right to discharge certain debts in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, each state is able to create its own requirements and exemptions. To qualify in Illinois, your income must be below a certain threshold as determined by a means test. Many people who find themselves in serious financial trouble are able to pass this test. People whose income is too high to qualify under Chapter 7 may be able to find relief under an alternative process known as Chapter 13.

One of the main reasons why people consider bankruptcy is the endless stream of calls and letters from debt collectors. We put a stop to this constant harassment. As soon as DebtStoppers files your case and pays your initial court fees, the federal court issues an automatic stay, stopping creditors in their tracks. If they want to contact you again, they will have to go through a bankruptcy judge first.

What assets can you keep after filing your zero-money-down bankruptcy?

People considering bankruptcy are often worried whether they will be able to afford an attorney and whether they will lose everything that they own. DebtStoppers fights to alleviate both of these concerns. When you choose us, there are no up-front costs.

Zero-down bankruptcy does not mean giving up all of your property. Illinois allows you to keep exempt property that you own or have equity in — equity being the property’s value minus the amount of money that you still owe on it. Married couples are allowed to combine their exemptions to keep double the amount of property. This means that a single person can exempt up to $15,000 in equity on a home, while a married couple can exempt up to $30,000. Individuals can exempt up to $2,400 towards a motor vehicle, which doubles to $4,800 for married couples. You are also allowed to exempt $4,000 each in personal property and at least 85 percent of your wages. Under state law, most benefits and spousal support are also exempted. Of course, you don’t have to figure this out on your own. At DebtStoppers, our bankruptcy attorneys find ways to let you keep your most important property or assets, all without you putting any money down.

True zero-money-down bankruptcy

While law firms try all sorts of advertising campaigns to convince clients to use their services, ours is no gimmick. We are big enough to offer something that few other firms can. For people who choose us, the math is simple. If you have a steady income and meet the legal requirements to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Illinois, our firm will pay the initial cost of filing.

Call us now to stop debt collectors in their tracks for zero money down

At DebtStoppers, our bankruptcy attorneys always have your best interests in mind. Our goal is to give families in the Chicago area the opportunity to get a fresh financial start. To learn more and see if you meet the requirements for zero-down Chapter 7 bankruptcy, call DebtStoppers today at 312-913-0630 or use our simple online appointment form.