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Filing for Bankruptcy in Nevada

If your family is one of the millions of hardworking American families living paycheck-to-paycheck, you know just how easy it can be to fall into debt. You also know just how impossible it can seem to ever get out of debt. By the time you find the cash to make a late payment, the next one is already due. To add insult to injury, your creditor hits you with a late fee, and that’s on top of the high interest rate. And then the cycle repeats the next month.

DebtStoppers can help you get off this nightmarish debt ferris wheel by eliminating your debt with a custom bankruptcy plan. Call or text us today at 725-373-5900 to schedule a free debt analysis with one of our experienced Nevada attorneys.

The Steps to File Bankruptcy in Nevada

Before filing, you’ll need to decide which type of personal bankruptcy is right for your family. You have two choices: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 gives you a financial do-over by wiping out your debts. Even though the laws allow a court-appoint trustee to liquidate assets to repay some of your debts, our clients seldom have to give up a thing.

With Chapter 13, you can reorganize your debts into a 3-to-5-year repayment plan. But instead of completely eliminating them, you’ll pay back about 10% of your total debt, and you’ll always keep all of your belongings.

Once you know which type is right for you, you or your lawyer can initiate proceedings by filing a petition in the Nevada district court that is closest to you.

How Much Does Filing for Bankruptcy Cost?

The average cost of our legal fees varies from case-to-case, but our rates are some of the most reasonable in Nevada. We also offer affordable payment plans that will allow you to pay us over time.

In addition to attorney fees, you will need to pay the court a filing fee to start your case. The cost is $310 if you file Chapter 13 and $335 for Chapter 7. DebtStoppers is one of the only law firms in the U.S. that will include the cost of the Chapter 7 filing fee in your payment plan. We'll file your case and eliminate your debts before we ask for a single cent.

Do You Need a Lawyer to File for Bankruptcy?

Even though the law does not require you to hire an attorney, the filing process can involve complicated legal topics. It's also emotionally taxing — particularly when you’re going it alone. A supportive and knowledgeable attorney can make a tremendous difference. Call or text DebtStoppers today at 725-373-5900 to request a free initial consultation with one of our accomplished Nevada attorneys.

Is Filing Bankruptcy More Than Once Allowed?

Our clients are often surprised to learn that you can file for bankruptcy multiple times. While there are some limitations like waiting periods in place, you can file more than once if you meet the requirements.

Our Experienced Nevada Attorneys Are Ready To Help

Filing for bankruptcy in Nevada can be stressful and challenging. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it by yourself. Call or text DebtStoppers today at 725-373-5900 to set up a financial evaluation with one of our seasoned Nevada lawyers.

Are you ready to wipe out your debts and move on with your life? Call or text us at 725-373-5900 for more information.