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Debt Solutions in Nevada

Does it seem like no matter what you do to solve your financial problems, they just keep getting worse? You aren’t alone! Countless hard-working Nevada families are suffering under the burden of too much debt — just like you. Falling behind on your bills is always stressful, but it can be downright heartbreaking when you did everything you could to pay and just ended up falling further behind.

The unfortunate truth is, even if you stopped accumulating new debts today, it could take years or even decades to pay off what you already owe due to the massive interest charges your creditors add each month. If you want to find permanent solutions to your money problems, you’ll need better, quicker options.

DebtStoppers provides fast and comprehensive solutions with our custom Nevada bankruptcy plans. Bankruptcy laws exist to help families like yours that are saddled with too much debt to ever get out. With the help of DebtStoppers, you can wipe out your debts and start over with a clean slate. Call or text DebtStoppers today at 725-373-5900 to schedule a free debt settlement counseling session with one of our experienced Las Vegas attorneys.

Find the Best Solutions for Your Debts in Nevada

A DebtStoppers bankruptcy plan offers fast and legal solutions for your financial woes. When you file for a Nevada consumer bankruptcy, you can pick between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 allows you to wipe out most of your debts and get a fresh financial start. While a court-appointed trustee is legally allowed to sell some of your property to pay back your debts, in our experience, DebtStoppers clients usually keep most, if not all, of their belongings.

On the other hand, Chapter 13 provides solutions by decreasing your debts and reorganizing them into a 3-to-5 year repayment plan. While you’ll still pay back about 10% of what you owe, you will only have to make one reasonable payment a month, and you’ll keep everything you own.

How Did I Get into So Much Debt?

Debt has a way of creeping up on even the most responsible Americans, and once you start to fall behind, your creditors will stop at nothing to keep you trapped. If yours is one of the millions of U.S. families living paycheck-to-paycheck, an unexpected expense could send your entire life spinning out of control.

If you don't pay your bills on time, your creditors will hit you with a hefty late charge on top of the high interest rate. But if you choose to pay on time and rely on credit to get through the rest of the month, the amount you owe will continue to grow. It’s the definition of a lose-lose situation.

Our Skilled Nevada Lawyers Can Help

It can be downright impossible to fix your financial problems on your own. While there are countless “debt rescue” services in Nevada that claim they can help, the "solutions" they are peddling are typically worthless.

DebtStoppers is different. We offer real debt solutions for your real financial troubles. If your staggering debts have forced you to give up on your dreams, we can give you back hope for your future. Call or text us today at 725-373-5900 to request a free debt solutions consultation with one of our knowledgeable Nevada lawyers.

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