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Stop Wage Garnishment in Michigan

If you're already struggling to pay your bills, wage garnishment can make just getting by impossible. Wage garnishment allows a creditor to get a court judgment, legally bypass you, and start taking money directly out of your paycheck. For thousands of Michiganders, a reduced paycheck can be the final nudge that pushes them over the edge.

To get that garnishment off your check today, call or text DebtStoppers at 313-880-3970 to schedule a free debt analysis with one of our skilled Michigan bankruptcy lawyers. Our experienced legal team has helped thousands of families avoid wage garnishment, repossession, and foreclosure.

How Much Can the State Garnish From Your Wages?

According to Michigan's wage garnishment laws, your creditors can force your employer to take money from your paycheck and give it to them. Neither you nor your employer will have any choice but to comply.

Federal law limits the percentage of your paycheck that a creditor can withhold. While some states have imposed stricter limits, Michigan has not enacted any laws doing so.

Even with these limitations, when you're already dealing with money troubles, any reduction in pay can make it next to impossible to cover your day-to-day living expenses, let alone pay off any of your other debts.

How Long?

Most creditors will have to go to court and get a judgment against you to garnish your wages. However, several exceptions to this rule are created by statute.

If you fall behind on the following types of debt, your creditors can garnish your wages without a court order:

  • Income tax debts
  • Court-ordered child support arrears
  • Student loan payments

Regardless of whether a creditor has a court judgment or a statutory right to garnish, your wages will be withheld until the amount you owe is fully paid back.

What Are the Minimum and the Maximum?

There is no minimum amount for wage garnishment. The maximum garnishment amount is either:

  • 25% of your disposable earnings,
  • Your disposable earnings minus 30 times the current federal minimum wage

Stop Wage Garnishment in Michigan With a Lawyer

If you want to stop wage garnishment for good, an experienced Michigan lawyer can help you file for bankruptcy. The moment your attorney files a petition, the court will issue an automatic stay that orders your creditors to stop all collection activities.

The stay prohibits your creditors from:

  • Garnishing wages
  • Repossessing your vehicle
  • Pursuing lawsuits
  • Initiating foreclosure

Your creditors won't even be able to call you!

Filing for bankruptcy not only temporarily bans wage garnishment, but it also eliminates your debts entirely, preventing later garnishments. While some people think that you lose all your possessions if you file for bankruptcy, the truth is that DebtStoppers clients almost always keep most — if not all — of their belongings.

If your creditors have threatened to start garnishing your wages, or if they are already taking deductions from your paycheck, call or text DebtStoppers today at 313-880-3970 to request a free debt relief consultation. Our experienced Michigan attorneys can help keep your earnings.

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