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Testemonials - Florida

5* Holly Lopez - " Wow how beautiful I feel I have hope and direction now...Thank you"

5* David Craft - " I found this firm on TV ads! Oh boy how is this going to work out? Let me tell you this is the most professional law firm I have ever used! Everything they told me from day one is exactly What they promised! My Bussiness died of over 44 years in practice as a professional restaurant and food facilities consultant! We were desperate to find salvation! I could write this review with multiple accolades about my experience with this firm. THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL!!!! What they promised as there fee ended up to be lower than what they initially told me! Who does that! Professional firms that care!"

5* Belinda Lowe - " My hat is off to this company, I saw them advertised on the television. I called and was greeted with kindness, professionalism and most all knowledge of how to assist me. After not being able to sleep for the past 3+months worrying about my devasting financial situation I feel a sigh of relief and satisfaction. I reccomend Debt Stoppers to anyone who has problems they don't know how to resolve, they have the solutions. Thank you Debt Stoppers because of you I can now breathe"

5* Dave Shuler - " They are very professional and discuss every aspect of the process to you. It was a very relaxing and informative session. They handled everything right there. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with the bankruptcy process....5 Stars"

5* Vicky Cabrera - " Thank you for helping me I feel a lot better that my problem is solved."

5* Erika De la barra - " Thank you Dan my attorney and Cristina my paralegal for all your hard work and for the support with my case. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone who needs to do a bankruptcy. Job well done!"

5* Bob Parker - " I want to thank you for the excellent job your firm did regarding my chapter 7 filing.I was very apprehensive about taking such a drastic step regarding my financial situation. Your firm did an outstanding job and I can't thank you enough for the quality of your work. You have made a great and positive difference in my life. Thank you again for such an outstanding job!"

5* Nicole Hughes - " I was so nervous to file for bankruptcy but I have to say this was the smoothest, fastest process. Eugene really took his time with me, answered EVERY question I had and was extremely patient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this company"

5* C-arise D - " Excellent, thorough quality services thus far."

5* darlene cecere-freidin - " This law firm is great!"