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Florida Credit Card Lawyers

Are you one of the thousands of hardworking Floridians struggling under the burden of massive credit card debt? Maybe this cycle will sound familiar:

  • You rely on credit cards to cover your day-to-day costs.
  • By the time your bills are due, you're low on cash and can't afford to pay more than the bare minimum.
  • Your creditors hit you with staggering interest charges.
  • Then you use your cards to survive the next month...
  • Or you open more cards to cover the interest.
  • … and the cycle starts over again.

DebtStoppers has helped families throughout South Florida get off this nightmarish "credit card merry-go-round." If you want to stop the cycle, call or text DebtStoppers today at 786-420-4545 to request a free debt analysis with one of our skilled lawyers. We can help you keep your debts from spiraling out of control.

Credit Card Debt Relief in Florida

Bankruptcy can provide your family with total debt relief, including your credit cards! Filing for Chapter 7 in Florida allows you to wipe out the balances on your cards entirely and start over again. While a bankruptcy trustee can legally sell your property to repay some of your debts, in our experience, DebtStoppers clients usually get to keep most — if not all! — of their property.

If you're receiving constant collection calls from creditors trying to intimidate you into making payments on your cards you just can't afford, filing for bankruptcy will put an end to the harassment. As soon as you file your petition, the court will grant you an automatic stay, which will prohibit your creditors from bothering you. They won't be allowed to try to collect from you, or even call you or send you a letter!

If your creditors decide the law doesn't apply to them and continue to harass you despite the automatic stay, DebtStoppers will come to your defense and take them to court on our own dime to make them pay for their violations. We are dedicated to getting our clients the relief they deserve: both from their debts and from their creditors.

Local Florida Laws

Under Florida laws, the statute of limitations on credit cards is 4 years. This means that if a creditor does not sue you for unpaid debts within 4 years from whenever you made your last payment or defaulted on the account, they cannot file a lawsuit. However, if you discharge your debts through bankruptcy, they won't be able to sue you at all!

Ask Our Attorneys in Florida for Debt Settlement Help

Trying to settle debts on your credit cards can be unbearable, especially if you're trying to deal with them on your own. An experienced lawyer can explain the process to you and help you understand how bankruptcy can eliminate your debt — even your credit cards.

Call or text DebtStoppers today at 786-420-4545 to request a complimentary consultation with one of our accomplished Florida attorneys. A DebtStoppers bankruptcy plan can help your family avoid a destructive cycle of debt and put you back on the road to financial stability.

DebtStoppers is one of the only law firms in Florida that offers a true $0-down Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We'll even advance your filing fee, so you don't have to wait another hour to deal with your debt. Call or text us today at 786-420-4545 to request your free consultation!